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Our enterprise programs take care of all your warehouse safety needs.

WSS works with Rack Net-Works to provide companies with professional safety services transforming dangerous warehouses into warehouses that would impress the Ministry of Labour. These services will get you on track to a safer work environment in compliance with the law. 

According to CSA Standard A344, all employers must have rack capacities and conditions evaluated periodically. If you are a company owner and are in need of these services, contact us today and we will set you up with an enterprise program tailored to your needs. The types of services we offer can be found below:



Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR)

Pre-Start Health & Safety Review

Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR or PSHR) are a requirement of section 7 of regulation 851. RNW has the experience to ensure your storage racks are properly evaluated, creating a safe environment for yourself and employees. 


Rack Inspection

Rack Inspection

Professional rack inspectors are sent to your location where they will inspect and evaluate your racking system. Once they are finished, you will receive a complete document, describing all the damages and/or issues with your warehouse.  

Health And Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

Our training programs provide you with a better understanding of the potential dangers associated with your racking sytems. Once completed, all employees will be better equiped to handle any situation dealing with racking. 


Building Permits

Building Permits

We have specialized in the design of storage racking equipment for over ten years and we have the ability to obtain permits without the need for last minute redesigns and expensive project delays.


Guarding and Repairs

Guarding and Repairs

Rack Net-Works and Certirack work together to provide you with high quality products, ensuring safety is a top priority in your workplace. From brace caps to guard rails, we will help you get what you need. 


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Rack Net-Works is an ISO 9001 certified engineering firm that serves the users and providers of storage equipment (rack & shelving). We are by far the largest group of racking engineers in North America and are the first company in North America to have ISO 9001 certification for safety inspections of warehouse racking. 

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