Some Accidents Can Be Prevented

Ensure Your Company is Doing Everything They Can to Guarantee Workplace Safety.


Warehouse Safety Services, Rack Net-Works and Certirack work together to help employers maintain a standard of safety and compliance in their workplace. The Ontario Health and Safety Regulation and CSA Standard A344 require all employers to have rack capacities and conditions evaluated periodically. Therefore, the annual compliance cycle has been developed to make it easy for companies to keep track of their progress and to stop accidents before they happen.

Compliance Cycle

1. Conduct Professional Rack Inspection

The first step is to call WSS and book an appointment to have a professional rack inspection completed at your site. Our experienced inspectors will come and report on any defects, safety issues and standards inconsistancies they find on your racking equipment.


2. Review Documentation

Once they have finished, you will then receive a report that contains all the documented issues. With this information, you will be able to review and act on the recommendations to ensure the safety of your workers. 


3. Train Staff to do Monthly Inspections

With our Health and Safety Training, we work with your employees to familiarize them with how rack inspections are done, allowing them to record and monitor any damages on your racking equipment and keeping safety a priority year round.


4. Update Capacity Documentation (PSR)

Once a rack is damaged, its strength and properties have changed, causing uncertainty to how it will react under stresses and loads. That is why our engineers need to update the Pre-Start Health and Safety Report in order to understand if the racking system is functioning safely.


5. Repair Damage to Restore Capacity

After reviewing the updated capacity report, you will have a better understanding of how the damage to the rack affected its properties and performance. You may need to unload, repair and/or replace part of the damaged racking system. 


6. Engineer Certifies Repairs

Lastly, the repaired racks need to be certified by an engineer before they are put back into use. Once this step is completed, the annual cycle repeats itself, ensuring a safer workplace.