Warehouse Safety Services

Provider of RNW Services and Certirack Products

Warehouse Safety Services is the premier warehouse safety providers in Canada. With a wide range of services supplied by Rack Net-Works and products by Certirack, we provide solutions for all your storage racking needs. Whether you are a company owner or a product dealer, we want to share our programs and products with you to ensure that every warehouse is functioning in accordance to CSA Standard A344. 

Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

Warehouse Safety Services provides services and products to create and maintain a safe work environment in your warehouse. Ensuring safety in the workplace is an ongoing project that must be taken seriously. Common areas of safety concern are training, inspections, audits and your response to disaster if it strikes. The annual compliance cycle helps you keep track of your progress towards a safer workplace.

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Storage Equipment Engineers

Rack Net-Works is an ISO 9001 certified engineering firm that serves the users and providers of storage equipment. They offer many services with the intention to make all warehouses safer.

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Safety Products

Certirack designs and manufactures any products that you need to get your warehouse back into working condition and in accordance with CSA Standard A344.  

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For more information about our company, services, or products, please contact one of our sales representative at 888-318-5561 ext. 228 or email us at brent@rnw.ca.